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Toronto & Buffalo Area Off The Air Station Distance Chart

This list only for Toronto and Buffalo station.

Note that all distances shown below are taken from official city centers, and should be considered approximate. Although UHF stations are usually rated to fade out after about 60 miles due to the curvature of the earth, experience has shown that many high definition television channels in this area are available well beyond 90 miles with proper equipment.


CN Tower
Grand Island
South (ABC)
Ajax 23.7mi (38.1km) 57.5mi (92.5km) 86.5mi (139.2km)
Akron 61.9mi (99.6km) 21.1mi (33.9km) 27.3mi (43.9km)
Albion 66.0mi (106.2km) 39.7mi (63.9km) 47.4mi (76.3km)
Amherst 55.9mi (89.9km) 8.5mi (13.7km) 24.2mi (38.9km)
Ancaster 44.2mi (71.1km) 56.5mi (90.9km) 80.8mi (130.0km)
Angola 71.6mi (115.2km) 27.7mi (44.6km) 20.7mi (33.3km)
Aurora 23.8mi (38.3km) 71.4mi (114.9km) 102.0mi (164.1km)
Batavia 75.4mi (121.3km) 37.7mi (60.7km) 33.4mi (53.7km)
Brampton 18.3mi (29.4km) 62.0mi (99.8km) 92.6mi (149.0km)
Brantford 55.5mi (89.3km) 67.8mi (109.0km) 90.4mi (145.5km)
Buffalo 58.5mi (94.1km) 21.6mi (34.8km) 10.8mi (17.4km)
Burlington 29.7mi (47.8km) 48.5mi (78.0km) 76.5mi (123.1km)
Caledon 34.2mi (55.0km) 79.4mi (127.8km) 109.0mi (175.4km)
Cambridge 50.2mi (80.8km) 73.6mi (118.4km) 99.0mi (159.3km)
Cheektowaga 60.4mi (97.2km) 12.3mi (19.8km) 19.3mi (31.1km)
Dunkirk 79.6mi (128.1km) 43.0mi (69.2km) 37.5mi (60.31km)
Dunnville 51.9mi (83.5km) 36.2mi (58.2km) 54.2mi (87.2km)
Fort Erie 55.7mi (89.6km) 8.3mi (13.4km) 24.7mi (39.7km)
Guelph 43.7mi (70.3km) 76.1mi (122.4km) 104.0mi (167.3km)
Hamburg 69.5mi (111.8km) 22.0mi (35.4km) 11.6mi (18.7km)
Hamilton 35.7mi (57.4km) 50.2mi (80.8km) 77.0mi (123.9km)
Jamestown 107.0mi (172.2km) 67.0mi (107.8km) 49.0mi (78.9km)
Kitchener 56.7mi (91.2km) 84.4mi (135.8km) 110.0mi (177.0km)
Lewiston 36.9mi (59.4km) 11.5mi (18.5km) 42.7mi (68.7km)
Lockport 48.0mi (77.2km) 15.1mi (24.3km) 37.2mi (59.9km)
Medina 58.7mi (94.4km) 30.2mi (48.6km) 41.9mi (67.4km)
Milton 26.2mi (42.2km) 58.5mi (94.1km) 88.0mi (141.6km)
Markham 18.1mi (29.1km) 61.4mi (98.8km) 91.6mi (147.4km)
Middleport 54.5mi (87.7km) 25.8mi (41.5km) 40.4mi (65.0km)
Mississauga 12.8mi (20.6km) 52.0mi (83.7km) 82.9mi (133.4km)
Newmarket 29.1mi (46.8km) 76.3mi (122.8km) 107.0mi (172.2km)
Niagra Falls (Canada) 40.9mi (65.8km) 9.5mi (15.3km) 39.5mi (63.6km)
Niagra Falls (USA) 41.0mi (33.1km) 7.7mi (12.4km) 38.7mi (62.3km)
North Tanawanda 49.5mi (79.6km) 2.0mi (3.2km) 30.2mi (48.6km)
Oakville 19.2mi (30.9km) 47.5mi (76.4km) 82.5mi (132.7km)
Oshawa 32.0mi (51.5km) 60.4mi (97.2km) 88.4mi (142.2km)
Paris 58.7mi (94.4km) 74.8mi (120.4km) 97.3mi (156.6km)
Pickering 20.1mi (32.3km) 56.4mi (90.7km) 86.0mi (138.4km)
Port Colborne 52.0mi (83.7km) 19.3mi (31.1km) 36.5mi (58.7km)
Port Hope 59.2mi (95.3km) 71.0mi (114.2km) 92.8mi (154.1km)
Springville 86.5mi (139.2km) 38.5mi (61.9km) 8.9mi (14.3km)
St. Catherines 33.0mi (53.1km) 18.7mi (30.0km) 48.5mi (78.0km)
Stoney Creek 34.0mi (54.7km) 43.5mi (70.0km) 69.6mi (112.0km)
Toronto 0.9mi (1.4km) 49.2mi (79.2km) 80.5mi (129.5km)
Richmond Hill 14.6mi (23.5km) 61.5mi (99.0km) 92.4mi (149.7km)
Rochester 94.6mi (152.2km) 66.5mi (106.9km) 62.5mi (100.6km)
Vaughn 14.5mi (23.3km) 62.2mi (100.1km) 93.5mi (150.4km)
Waterloo 58.5mi (94.1km) 87.8mi (141.3km) 114.0mi (183.5km)
Welland 45.7mi (73.5km) 16.7mi (26.9km) 40.4mi (65.0km)
West Seneca 64.4mi (103.6km) 16.1mi (25.9km) 15.6mi (25.1km)
Whitby 28.2mi (45.4km) 58.7mi (94.4km) 87.6mi (140.9km)
Whitchurch-Stouffville 23.3mi (37.5km) 67.1mi (108.0km) 97.2mi (156.4km)